Time Travels

If time is not held to an objective measure it will slip by without a care, knowingly leaving people behind as dust and bone, memory and energy once contained, now dissipated forevermore. Brief envelopes of  connected moments hold us and contain our selves more than sequences of DNA ever could. This fragile and beautiful reality can be a blessing when lived with full awareness, knowing the delicate and transient nature of life, appreciating the random infinite possibilities manifested. It can also be a bitter pill to swallow if realized only after the day is done, too late to act upon fleeting impulses and early morning dreams.

Music allows for time to stretch long past ourselves, embedding itself into the fabric of reality and propelling the individual forward, backward, or deep into the moment. Wrapping us all up in it's thick cloud of smoke, it shows us other lives and people, new love and wonderment and promising to unite our web of moments into a great tapestry. Here are a few glimpses into the past, the future, and the ultimate almighty now through the foggy purple tinted lens of life's greatest unifier - good music.


Shifting arrays of sonic color and expression come together in a cloud of musical promise within the Label Love series; volume three manifests much like the previous two, raining radioactive sonic waves down on the masses, mutating us all into something more like shining light and less like earthbound promises and regrets. Make sense? Listen. There is a wide variety of colors to see here. 

Exile - Intro to the Outro Mixtape


Exile has experienced divinity through vibrations of sound, and in turn was blessed to become something akin to a demigod or a genie. His otherwordly manifestation of music pulls in many other talented and true travellers and seekers of truth, and together they have presented this gem of a collection. If you like unique bangin beats and solid raps, let these songs into your head and move your feet. One of my favorite producers and a bunch of really solid emcees is hard to deny, especially when Exile is shining some light on his upcoming solo album. Check for that in future; check for this now.

Rapping With Paul White - Mixed by DJ Househoes


Paul White has achieved a higher level of understanding through music, and, like Exile, has returned to enhance the musical diversity of our celestial reality. Diving deep into the earth and the ocean, returning with fuzzy warm secretive techniques of sound manipulation and evolution, surrounding himself with the memories and ghosts of great hip hop figures, Paul White may be an alien. This mix from the wise DJ Houseshoes showcases the eccentric and illuminated one - Paul White.

Happy Endings - Mini Mix by DJ Jayceeoh


Smooth and unassuming, Jayceeoh has seventeen arms and can simultaneously occupy five dimensions, blessing beings across a range of spectrums with music that moves. He can flip any style, any tempo, any vibe and make it sound proper, moving the minds and bodies of any who are within range of perception. For this mix, rap is the main focus, warming up the world for a recent show he played in Vancouver's Fortune Sound Club. Other notable mixes have been found recently from musical anthropologists across the globe, including a pop heavy uptempo mash mix, and a real diverse yet warm tape to get you worshipping sun and dance called SPF 60.

Look at how much fun they're having!

DJ Dubconscious - Fractured Sentiments Mix


All kinds of low frequncies are rinsed out on this amazing audio experience, which the OG Dubconscious brings to the masses on this Shambhala oriented mix. He goes all over, rooted in the dancehall vibe that transforms any event into a mashed out, boots up, big fire kind of event. Drawing on his own experiences, memories, and travels around the world and the universe, Dub comes to us all once again to remind any and all to move to the riddim. Listen deep.

(Acumen - some FFD on here. You know you love it.)

Saving the best for last.....


Can we please get through one post, one moment, without DJ LoGo? Well, no. We can't. In the words of my brother and Shadow Shogun crew mate Acumen, LoGo is never not killin it. With the insistence of time itself, this supreme selector rinses out a fine selection of drum & bass and hip hop, presenting a well considered and amazingly executed voyage through rhythm and rhyme. Stylish, dark, heavy, and infinitely expanding, the musical equivalent of a black hole constantly expands, engulfing the willing and the weak while laying waste to all who stand in opposition. In fact, the vibe of absolute submission and decimation through beautiful bass manipulation expands past even the confines of this mix and this time into other realities. How?  Such questions cannot be addressed here. To listen to what the future holds, check LoGo's post apocalyptic exploration into realms we mere mortals cannot comprehend, glimpses into that which lays ahead, made possible through the skills of a DJ who knows no bounds.

Time cannot contain a man like LoGo. Get low and look sharp. Recognize the moment and immerse yourself. Recognize real.

Until next time. 




So, a little pat on the back for ol' Acumen is in order. I will cram this shit down your throat, but there will be a clever lead in to follow.

For 5 years of my young life, I smoked cigarettes. I always told myself that after I was 21, and a man grown, I would kick the habit. True to form, the day after my 21st birthday I had my last cigarette, quitting cold turkey. Yesterday at 10:11 PM was the one year anniversary of that last puff and I'll tell everyone it was easier than expected and I haven't had trouble with cravings or anything past about the 2nd month. It helped that I was coughing blood and had a pain in my side the Doc attributed to the deathsticks, but still I echo the words of the oh-so-forgettable Rob ('The Stapler') Schneider and tell all the Shadow Shogun massive that "YOUCANDOEEEEET!"

I have a much more serious addiction though, one that's been with me much longer and I don't see any end to it in the near future. (Chronic? Yes, but no...) Music. It's very similar to my old affair with the ciggys: I can't leave the house without it, it's required both after I leave and before I enter anywhere, it is a requirement for long trips, boring days, school, study, parties, cleaning, cooking, everything. I can barely think without it. I have a support group that everyone oughtta be familiar with by now. They've made appearances on here before, and I'll bet they've helped you with your own addiction as well. Let me (re)introduce to you one portion of the team, with some of the fresh material they've been putting out:

Logo - I know, I know - THIS guy? AGAIN!? Well ya know what, he's been feeding my addiction more than any other figure over the course of 2011 in a way very reminiscent of the old guy who used to sell the crew individual stogies out of his seedy video store when we were all JUST getting into Junior High. However, where this unnamed tobacco salesman was a bad person, Logo's just a badman! He's put out 2 mixes since I last spoke with everyone and they are both pure fire. If you wonder why he's on this blog so damn much, it's because he's extremely good at what he does and as prolific as any DJ I've ever come across that even touches his talent. Download, listen, love...

Jungle Advisory - The all ragga-jungle mix I've been requesting from him for months. I was stoked to hear this, and the man killed it.

Road to Shambhala 2011 - A little late? Sure. No matter though, this is some nice deep melodic drum'n'bass. What I like to call cruise music.

Hombre - This would be the man that makes the drug look good because he just looks like he's having so much damn fun when he's on this 'music' stuff. It's like, when dude's on this music shit, he's all smiles and it's infectious... everyone gets the giggles and starts dancing and high-fiving and actin' goofy, and then you want whatever he's having. Badly. Well, Mike is a generous man, and he's made the mix he played for all the beach bums at Shambhala this year available for one and all. Download, listen, love..

Shambhala 2011 - Straight up, this is the feelgood island music that we know and love him for.

Metawon - Wait, what? Yeah, the blogmate. He's been that guy that's been just FEEDING you music for the last 2 years. Your significant others and roommates probably have a problem with him because your always freebasing his shit. If you're not that age yet, your parents are writing the schools and PTAs angry letters to warn about him and the potency of what he's pushing. Myself? He pushed me over the edge. We've gone on many a psychadelic musical journey into different realms together. And we do not give a single fuck. Come with us and let the music run your life. Just do it. It'll be fun. And the kids will think you're cool when you bump it. You can run away from all your problems. Come on. Take a hit, download, listen, and love...

Kinso's Travels - That's right folks, a new album from my running mate. Dope thematic instrumental hip hop following the life of a lone assassin roaming the ancient East. Donation is optional, download is demanded, audio pleasure is guaranteed.


On a serious tip, anyone looking to quit smoking at any point, I HIGHLY recommend picking up this book, "Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Smoking" - I read it and quit cold turkey on my first attempt at doing so. He even recommends you smoke while reading it, trusting himself to convince you by the end. I don't mean to preach, just to help. Maybe I underestimate my willpower, but this definitely helped me to quit without any cravings or regrets.

Enjoy the tunes folks. Until next time, peace love and respect.



And out comes the voice from beyond the grave.

I may have been gone, and all but left for dead, but I come back bearing gifts...

First on deck is the Nextmen. Regular readers of my former self will know that the dearly departed was a big fan of theirs. Well, when I was gone I learned that they have a podcast you can subscribe to on iTunes for free. Check it out. They also got some solid mixes that they recently put up on their Soundcloud. My pick of the litter is their Superman mix. Download, listen, love...

The Nextmen - Superman

Another one I found in the valley of the shadow of death was, surprisingly, motivated by sunshine, and a a sequel to a mix that has appeared on this blog in the past. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie made their absolutely classic Summertime mix last year. They have now released Summertime vol. 2. I don't dig it as much as the first installment, but that was a tough one to measure up to, and this is still damn high quality. Download, listen, love...

Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie - Summertime 2

Here's a dope little EP I came across and enjoyed bumping on the iPod for quite a few days. It was made by a dope MC I hadn't heard of before named Inverse, who's associated with the QN5 collective (probably best known for guys like Tonedeff and the Cunninlynguists). Dope beats, thoughtful lyrics, original style. The undead are talented selectors. Download, listen, love...

Inverse - So True EP

While I was in that outer realm, I did some creepy ass shit and checked in with friends who may or may not have been aware of my presence. I guess it depends on their clairvoyance or something. One of the unfortunate victims was my buddy Logo who seems to actually be fueled by music and inseparable from it at most times. Turns out one of these creepy ventures was actually fruitful though. He made a really dope DnB mix while I was there, and I made sure to take it with me in my return. Fucker doesn't believe in ghosts, who gets the last laugh? You guys. Download, listen, love...

DJ Logo - The Molar Enthalpy of Bassline Fusion

Ummm.... Logan wasn't actually the lone victim. I swear, it may seem creepy but I might have also gotten a visual recording of the other member of 4004. Kyle, if you're reading - dude, I'm sorry. I do have a video of you mixing, I apologize if that wierds you out. Everybody else, it's really dope. Let it play when your making your rounds on the internet. This is footage of MrDr killing Modern Math a couple months back, coming on after the one and only Dan Solo. Watch, listen, love...

MrDr - Live @ Modern Math
(props to Evangelos for being the one who actually recorded this)

And to finish things off, an absolutely amazing mix from Featurecast that is short but incredibly sweet. This one is exceptional. Brilliant blends, track selection and flow to the mix. Do not sleep. Download, listen, love... Seriously.

Featurecast - The Half a Mill, Chill Deal Mix

Special shout out to my brother Lawrence who showed me a couple of these mixes and kicked my ass in the right direction toward music diving again. If there's any of you out there still, hopefully you don't have to wait 5 months between my posts again. Sorry.


Out The Loop

Constellations - The A-Z of Dennis Coffey Mix - Mixed by DJ House Shoes


Laptops are notoriously temperamental and have a knack for almost always getting within harm's reach, and my no good laptop is no exception - it got all messed up. My posts have largely been put on hold as a result, but I have returned from beyond with a great mix I have been listening to a lot lately. I love it. Showcasing the legendary Dennis Coffey - mixed by DJ House Shoes - this mix shows off the wild style of Mr. Coffey in fine form. Heavy breaks and wicked guitar licks, deep funk, real proper. Real real good. Check up on Dennis and dig it.

Download it here or visit the soundcloud page.

Also please check out the equally boss DJ House Shoes here for a whole lot more mixes. All guaranteed heat. So so dope.